(Transmedia segmentation: 3-6 years old)


LEONOR, first original content created by The Polymorph Extra™ (the international immersive art collective behind nextdream ent. corp), is the story of a little girl experiencing every night epic adventures when she falls asleep.

Featuring the illustration work of Chinese illustrator artist Ba Zai 李莉 and animator Bi Bo 毕波 in artistic collaboration with The Polymorph Extra™ Music Dept. and 3D Sound Dept., LEONOR IP's first episode: LEONOR'S LULLABY short animated movie had been a successful milestone in this original content development. 




  • Best Original Music / Soundtrack @ Chandler International Film Festival 2017 (USA,Arizona,Chandler)
  • Best Director (Music Video) @ Auckland International Film Festival 2017 (New Zealand, Aukland)



16 INTERNATIONAL Official Selections


  • Maryland International Kids Film Festival 2017 (USA, Maryland, Frederick)
  • 10th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2017 (Bangladesh, Dhaka)
  • Vancouver Island Short Film Festival 2017 (Canada, Nanaimo)
  • International Music Video Underground 2017 (France, Paris)
  • 3rd Seeyousound International Music Film Festival (Italy, Turin)
  • Seoul Lift-Off Film Festival 2017 (Korea, Seoul)
  • 17th International Film Festival Lebu (Lebu, Chile)
  • 8th International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin (Varaždin, Hrvatska, Croatia)
  • 7th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Gines (Gines, Spain)
  • 18th FICT Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Torrelavega (Torrelavega, Spain)
  • BAFF British Animation Film Festival 2017 (London, United Kingdom)
  • Festival International Del Cortrometraje FIC 2017 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Festival Cine Animal Bogotá 2017 (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • International Short Film Festival Detmold ISFF 2017 (Detmold, Germany)
  • Festival International De Cine Para Niños y Jovenes DIVERCINE 2017 (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • 4th FilmQuest 2017 (Provo, Utah, USA)


Two version of LEONOR'S LULLABY has been released:



hybrinaural audio


hybrinaural + anaglyph


The original music composed by Quentin Paquignon & The Polymorph Extra™ was recorded in immersive environment by the The Polymorph Extra™ music dept. at SOUND HUB Studios in Shanghai by Benjamin L'Hôtellier (imrsv records™/ kersound).

Then Benjamin brought the tracks to the studios he owns and run with his French partner Greg Yu:  KERSOUND Studios in Shanghai, to mix and master the beautiful original immersive track. 



The original sound track had been released on major worldwide music digital platforms in binaural (FLAC, Wave, mp3), 5.1 and 7.1 formats by imrsv records™, the nextdream ent. corp. UK record label specialized in immersive audio formats.

Nextdream Ent. Corp. is actually working on the next transmedia episodes which will be soon deployed in the next phases as:


mobile device games,

educational games for tablets,


short tv & web contents,


immersive live show for children.


Development will be based on the first characters created for LEONOR'S LULLABY episode and will be enhanced with additional ones in a near future.